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Grant J Hunt introduces 4 lb. California orange bag featuring Tajín seasonings.

The Grant J. Hunt Company introduced a California Orange/ Tajín Seasoning bag at PMA’s Fresh Summit in New Orleans.

The bag will feature California navel or valencia oranges depending upon the season. It is a 4lb. bag and is available year round. Tajin seasoning is the leading produce seasoning in Mexico and North America and is distributed in a wide variety of packaging options and flavors. The seasoning is a mixture of Tajín’s own chili peppers, sea salt and dehydrated lime. It is popular on numerous produce items, plus a diverse range of other applications including seafood, meats, poultry and beverages. Tajín is distributed nationwide in North America, Mexico as well as an additional 12 countries.

According to Grant J. Hunt Company’s marketing director, Eric Patrick, “Our California orange bag featuring fresh oranges and two Tajín seasoning packets is great value-added opportunity for retailers of all sizes as it can be used as a special in-and-out promotion, or if the stores have a strong Hispanic demographic it could be a year round item. Consumers and retailers are looking for something new in the produce department and the growing popularity of Tajín seasoning combined with fresh California oranges is a unique retail offering.”

Tajín Seasonings ( are produced in Guadalajara, Mexico and are distributed in North America by Mexilink Inc., Houston, TX. The Grant J. Hunt Company is Tajín’s alliance partner in North America. For Tajín alliance questions and demo opportunities contact Eric Patrick at the Grant J. Hunt Company, 509-575-8770.

The Innovation

Grant J. Hunt Company first partnered with Tajin Seasonings in 2007 on a multi variety mesh apple bag that featured two Tajin seasoning packets. It started as a one-time, seasonal promotion, but we’ve been packing it ever since and now have partners across multiple commodities.If you want to get involved with Tajin Seasonings, call (509) 575-8770 or email Eric Patrick ( We’ll see what sort of partnership would make sense. We are currently working with the produce industry, beverage industry, snack industry, dairy industry, dried fruit industry and more. Tajin is the #1 fruit and veggie seasoning in Mexico and the United States and its popularity continues to grow.


Tajin has an active, year-long demo program with retailers of all sizes, from the local ‘mom-and-pop’ to national chains. If you want to demo with Tajin, give Eric Patrick a call today.