Fruits and Vegetables


The Grant J. Hunt Company’s apple program features the best apples from Oregon, Washington State, British Columbia and seasonal imports from South America and New Zealand. Our experienced buying team provides our customers with the right apples daily, whether it is high end premiums for a retailer or small, non-stickered apples for a food service customer, we understand you and your business.


Our year round blueberry, blackberry and raspberry programs follow the harvest cycle of these delicious gems from California to British Columbia. When domestic and Canadian berries aren’t available, we turn to the best imports from Mexico and South America. The berry category is one of the fastest growing segments of our complete product line.


Fresh cantaloupe melons are another Grant J. Hunt Company favorite. We are partnered with only the finest growers and our program has a loyal following with our West coast customers. If you aren’t satisfied with your cantaloupe program, give us a call and we’ll show you what a consistent program looks like.


Our honeydew melon has been a mainstay at the Grant J. Hunt Company for years. We work with a great supplier base and are able to supply consistent quality, sweet melons to our West coast retail base.


Our kiwifruit program features the best of California and Chile. We have our own storage facility at our Oakland, CA warehouse and can handle all orders big and small. We understand kiwifruit and have a long history in the kiwifruit industry.


Our onion program features the best yellow, red and white onions from the West coast. We have the onions for everyone’s need, from the highest quality onions for retail displays to bulk bags for foodservice. Whatever your onion needs are on the West coast, we have the proper onion for you.


California oranges are known for their sweet and juicy flavor. The Grant J. Hunt Company works directly with some of the best shippers in the state and provides outstanding quality year round. Texas juice oranges are a customer favorite during their season and each year we import oranges to help fill the gaps of the domestic season.


The Grant J. Hunt Company’s pear program includes the most delicious pears from the Pacific Northwest (Oregon/Washington) and from South America. During the season we offer your most popular varieties such as bartletts, anjous, boscs and red pears as well as the best niche pears including comice, forelle and concorde to name a few. Be sure to ask us about our ripened pear program.


The Grant J. Hunt Company potato program is one of our core strengths. It is year round and focuses on both primary varieties and specialty potatoes. We proudly represent growers in California, Oregon, Washington and Florida. We have year round russet potatoes and have one of the most consistent colored potato programs available.


Our year round sweet onion program features Sweetie Sweets from Nevada and California, Walla Walla Sweets from the Pacific Northwest, Vidalia Onions from Georgia, Texas 1015’s, and when needed, imports from Mexico and South America.


A Grant J. Hunt specialty. We represent leading growers/shippers/packers in the Pacific Northwest. We offer both dark red cherries and Rainiers throughout this exciting season. Plus, we do cherry imports during the winter months.


Blackberries are one of the fastest growing items in the produce department and commercial crops both domestically and internationally continue to increase their volume. Look to the Grant J. Hunt Company for your blackberry program.


Another category that continues to rapidly grow. We offer the best of both domestic and import raspberries and help you transition between the various growing regions and timing.


The Pacific Northwest is one of the best regions in the U.S. for growing Italian Prunes, Empress Plums and President Plums. Our program is known for its consistency and high quality.


Habelman Bros. Company from Wisconsin is our cranberry partner. From September – December we provide our West Coast customers with the most consistent and best tasting cranberries available. Give us a call and give yourself an option on fresh cranberries. Habelman was founded in 1907 and is a 4th generation family farm, they are the world’s largest fresh cranberry grower and packer.


Apricots are one of the true seasonal fruits remaining, with a fresh domestic season that runs from May-August. We have strong relationships with key Washington growers, producers of some of the best apricots you’ll ever taste.


We seasonally have delicious broccoli from a select group of California growers.


Sweet corn from California is available seasonally and we work with one small Californian grower who provides great quality. Corn-on-the-cob is a Grant J. Hunt Company favorite.


A seasonal favorite offered to our West coast customers, the popularity of our Italian Chestnut program continues to grow.


We periodically have fresh pineapples available for our West coast customers.


A classic and niche favorite, we work with one supplier out of the Pacific Northwest who provides nice quality rhubarb.


Grant J. Hunt Company launched their strawberry program in 2012. It is California exclusive and fits the need of several West coast customers.


We have several relationships with high quality growers of tree ripened stone fruit from Washington State. They are some of the tastiest and juiciest peaches and nectarines you’ll ever taste.


We seasonally have full size and personal size watermelons available.